Is Your PC Running Slow? Are you getting a lot of popups?

You may have a computer virus or malware. MKCS can clean your computer of viruses and perform a computer cleaning to get your system back up and running. Our computer virus removal service is affordable and guaranteed. If MKCS can’t fix it, you don’t pay. MKCS can remotely fix your computer over the Internet making it convenient for you and allowing MKCS to provide fast, affordable and dependable service.

How Can I Tell If My PC Has A Virus?

Sometimes it is very obvious. You may notice a lot of popup advertisements on your desktop or in your Internet browser. A warning may popup with a fake virus warning, your computer may be slow to respond. Sometimes it may not be so obvious. For example your computer could be running slow because the hard drive is going bad, you have a bad memory module or other reasons. If you are not sure, MKCS can find out. 

What should I do?

If you suspect that you have a virus, don’t wait to find out. Call MKCS immediately. Don’t risk losing your data, your financial records or pictures of your favorite memories. It is important to remove viruses off your computer as soon as possible. Viruses, Trojans, and Malware are engineered to access your computer remotely, destroy your files or lock you out of your computer. If your computer still has Internet access, contact MKCS immediately and we can remotely login to your computer and perform a virus scan of your machine. If you do not have Internet, turn off the computer immediately, disconnect it from your network and contact MKCS. We can then discuss the best method to fix your computer whether it be bringing in your computer to our office or scheduling an on-site service call. 

Will You Be Able To Clean The Viruses From My Computer?

MKCS has a great track record of removing viruses from computers and increasing the performance of your machine at the same time for one flat fee. MKCS knows how important your computer is to you and we treat it as our own. Some companies offer quick one hour cleanings of viruses, we do not! While some computer issues can be resolved quickly, some cannot. We make sure to take the time needed to properly diagnose, clean and repair your computer.

How Much Does Your Virus Cleaning Cost And What Does It Include?

PRICE: $75.00 flat fee. (Remote and In-Store). Free if we cannot fix it! If you need us to come on-site the charge is per hour. Please call for residential and business pricing.

What is included in your PC Cleanings and Virus Removal?

  • Virus Scan: Perform full virus scan of all hard drives in computer system. We use a minimum of three virus scan engines in order to maximize our ability to find all viruses found on your computers. Because of these scans and depending on the speed of the machine and size of the hard drives it can take hours to scan. We try to repair your computer as quickly as we can but it is more important to do the job right and make sure your system is clean.
  • Hard Drive Scan: Sometimes when your system is slow, non-responsive or crashes, it could indicate that your hard drive is failing. If it fails you could lose all your data. MKCS will scan your hard drive and check its health. If the hard drive tests are ok we move on to the next step. If our tests tells us that your hard drive has bad sectors and about to fail we will notify you of your options including having MKCS backup all your data before the hard drive fails and replacing the hard drive with a new one. We can check to see if you existing hard drive is covered under warranty either through the manufacturer of the hard drive or PC/Laptop manufacturer.
  • PC Cleaning: MKCS can help your PC run faster by performing several maintenance steps including removing programs that you don’t need, turning off programs that are running in the background that are slowing down your computer, performing Windows and needed program updates and much more. Our goal is to give your system back to you in much better shape than when you give it to us.

Call us today at 585.319.0810 to schedule your virus and PC cleaning.