If you asked me, what is the single biggest thing you could to do protect your systems, I would immediately respond BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! You can have all the anti-virus protection, firewalls and layered security in place, but none of that matters if you lose your data. 

It seems very common nowadays to read in the news of another major corporation being hacked and data has been stolen or that they were struck by a ransomware virus and their data was encrypted. 

Secure Backups for Small Business by MKCS 

If your small or medium-sized business suffers a catastrophic data loss, it almost certainly will fail. It’s that simple.

Catastrophic data loss is one of the most detrimental events that can happen to a small or medium sized business (SMB). According to the The Underwriting Guide for Insurers, only six percent of mid-size companies that suffer catastrophic data loss ever recover. Yes, you read that correctly. Only six percent. 43% never reopen, and 51% close within two years of the disaster.

Unfortunately, data loss is a relatively common occurrence. It can happen from a major catastrophe like fire or flood, when a hard drive dies, virus/ransomware or even from theft. 

With an automated backup service from MKCS we can prevent catastrophic data loss and could potentially save your company.

MKCS Backup Service offers a full suite of disaster recovery tools, all of which are customizable to suit the needs of your small business:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Secure remote backup
  • Email archiving
  • Monitoring software

MKCS Backup Service is more than just a remote backup system—it’s a business continuity plan designed to keep your company open and operational after a data disaster.


Peace of mind. All data is secured with 128-bit encryption during transfer and stored securely offsite at two different locations, one on the East coast and one on the West coast. Customers can use a provided encryption key or manage their own private key to encrypt data. MKCS automatically backs up new and changed files, so even in the event of disruption or disaster you can recover virtually all of your most recent data.

Disaster recovery: MKCS offers an enterprise-level solution with multiple redundant data centers. MKCS automatically backs up to offsite storage and can run a virtual image of your environment if any of your existing servers fail. And, whereas other business continuity solutions might require a complete rebuild and re-installation of key databases and applications, taking up to a week or more, MKCS storage and virtualization capabilities allow you to perform a full restore in less than 24 hours.  

Increased productivity. MKCS protects against spam, delivers email archiving and provides continuous online access to email in the event of hardware outage, so users stay in touch and productive.

Backup Plans. MKCS offers customized backup plans based on your needs. MKCS recommends doing a site analysis to determine what data needs to be backed up, how often and discuss your needs as well as make recommendations. 

Monitor and Test Your Backups. Our clients are very busy running their business. They do not have the time to look at backup jobs and see if they were successful or if one failed, let alone find the time to find out why last night backup did not run. And test their backups? They have even less time or patience for that. 

That is where MKCS becomes your valuable partner. We monitor your backups daily and we can also test your backups on predetermined schedules or just when you want a little peace of mind that things are working.

Not sure what you need? Contact MKCS and let us help you protect your data today. We will meet with you and find out exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Without backup and disaster recovery, you’re rolling the dice with your data and putting your company at risk. Start protecting your data today!