Microsoft Office 365

Business apps that ease workflow while enhancing productivity

Businesses today need versatile web applications to save time, boost efficiency and increase productivity. With Microsoft Office 365 solutions from MKCS, you get exactly that! Businesses rely heavily on the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint. And for good reason: it's a leading industry collection of programs that can help us get more productivity out of our work environment.

Microsoft Office 365 can transform your productivity with:

  • Access to your files and documents from anywhere and at any time;
  • Continuous collaboration, even in remote working conditions;
  • Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more;
  • A higher access limit of 300 employees for the highest business value;
  • Communication using electronic mailboxes with 25 GB of storage;
  • The benefit of communication tools such as instant messaging, web conferencing and data sharing;
  • Scaled solutions, so you can move between plans as your business grows or shrinks;
  • Peace of mind from security solutions that include anti-virus and anti-spam;
  • No less than 99% uptime and 24x7 support.

Cloud migration made easy

MKCS makes the switch to Office 365 cloud services easy to implement and painless to manage while saving you money. If you are considering migrating to Office 365 but are worried about the potential downtime and interrupted productivity, let MKCS help. MKCS will be there every step of the way to make sure your emails are properly migrated to your new hosted cloud solution. 

MKCS understands that your business cannot afford downtime, losing emails or any other issue that would affect your employees productivity. MKCS has an easy, fast and safe method to migrate to Office 365. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your cloud needs.